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What is Backup? Benefits and Evolutions.

What is Backup? Backup is the process of copying real or virtual files or databases to a backup place in the event of equipment failure or disaster. Backing up data is critical to a good disaster recovery strategy. In the case of flawed software, data corruption, hardware failure, hostile hacking, user mistake, or other unforeseen circumstances, businesses back up data they perceive to be vulnerable. Backups take a snapshot in time and synchronize it, which is subsequently used to restore data to its former condition. Backup and recovery testing investigates an organization’s data security and replication procedures and technologies. The goal is to ensure that data can be retrieved quickly and reliably when needed. File restoration is the process of retrieving backed-up data files. Although the terms data backup and data protection are sometimes used interchangeably, data protection includes the larger aims of business continuity, data security, information lifecycle management, […]