Arcserve UDP

One Platform with every Data Protection Capability you need, without the Complexity you don't
Arcserve UDP

Arcserve® Unified Data Protection (UDP) 

delivers an all-in-one data and ransomware protection solution to neutralize ransomware attacks, restore data, and perform effective disaster recovery (DR).

Architected with cloud-native capabilities, Arcserve UDP integrates your on- and off-site backup and rapid restore with built-in cloud DR and backup to the Arcserve® Cloud, as well as to private and public clouds, including Amazon® AWS, Microsoft Azure®, Oracle Cloud®, Nutanix® Objects, and others.

With UDP, we have great data protection, increased uptime and peace of mind that we can recover data and servers quickly and efficiently

Eliminate the need for discrete products, and:

    • Prevent ransomware attacks on critical disaster recovery infrastructure with Sophos Intercept X Advanced for Server.
    • Assure immutability of data backups with support of Amazon AWS S3 Object Lock.
    • Safeguard your systems and applications in cloud, virtual, and physical environments.
    • Scale up, down, and out to the cloud on-demand, turning capabilities on and off without forklift upgrades.
    • Validate your RTOs, RPOs, and SLAs with built-in Assured Recovery™ testing.
    • Amplify storage efficiency by up to 20x with built-in global, source-side deduplication.
    • Reclaim up to 50% more time to spend on strategic IT initiatives.1
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Prevent Ransomware Easily

  • Implement secure backup and orchestrated DR for virtual, physical, and cloud Windows / Linux servers.
  • (New) Protect Nutanix Hyperconverged Infrastructure with Nutanix AHV, Files and Objects integration, as well as VMware,
    Hyper-V, RHEV, KVM, Citrix, and Xen VMs with a selection of agentless and agent-based backups.
  • (New) Back up and recover Oracle Databases with native RMAN integration, as well as already-supported Microsoft
    SQL Server (including FCI clusters), Exchange, SharePoint, Active Directory, and Microsoft 365.
  • Safeguard File Servers, NAS, SAN, UNIX, FreeBSD, AIX, HP-UX, Solaris, SAP R/3, SAP HANA, and more, shielding them from ransomware, with Arcserve Backup, available with eligible Arcserve UDP installations.

Secure Your Backups from Any Threat

  • (New) Keep your data and system backups safe with Sophos Intercept X Advanced for Server, available to eligible UDP 8.0 customers to protect the UDP recovery point servers (RPS) and the management console.
  • (New) Stay protected against any threat, including unknown malware, utilizing a deep learning neural network combined with signature-based protection from common threats.
  • (New) Eliminate threat of exfiltration and prevent major hacking techniques, including credential harvesting, lateral movement, and privilege escalation with exploit prevention.
  • (New) Protect backups from deletion or alteration with immutable cloud storage powered by Amazon AWS S3 Object Lock.

Orchestrate the Disaster Recovery

  • Maintain virtual copies of mission-critical systems on Nutanix AHV, VMware vSphere, Microsoft Hyper-V, Amazon AWS EC2, and Microsoft Azure with UDP Virtual Standby.
  • Spin up business-critical system backups as virtual machines on-demand in Nutanix AHV, VMware vSphere, Microsoft Hyper-V, Amazon AWS EC2, and Microsoft Azure with UDP InstantVM.
  • Schedule automated disaster recovery tests with advanced reporting for stakeholders through Assured Recovery.
  • Granularly restore individual files, emails, Active Directory objects, SharePoint Documents, and Oracle Database tables.
  • Attach backups as virtual drives in Windows and NFS shares in Linux for advanced insights.

Optimize Data Protection

  • Protect newly added Nutanix AHV, VMware vSphere, and Microsoft Hyper-V virtual machines automatically.
  • Increase storage efficiency with built-in, global, at-source, advanced, block-level deduplication.
  • Reduce the need for dedicated bandwidth with built-in, WAN-optimized backup replication.
  • Safeguard the data in-flight and at-rest with built-in AES/SSL encryption and TLS 1.2.
  • Integrate storage infrastructure with hardware snapshot integration for HPE 3Par, Nimble Storage, and NetApp ONTAP.
  • Send copies of your sensitive data and systems off-site with proven tape drive and tape library integration.

Elevate to the Cloud with Deep Integration

  • Benefit from cloud economies of scale by storing backups and rapidly spinning up systems off-site with Arcserve UDP Cloud Hybrid Secured by Sophos, or by utilizing integration with private and public clouds, including Amazon® AWS, Microsoft Azure®, Eucalyptus®, and Rackspace®.
  • Protect your Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure workloads from data loss and extended downtimes.
  • Safeguard your Microsoft Office 365 Exchange Online emails, SharePoint Online documents, OneDrive for Business files, and Teams data from data loss.
  • Install UDP in Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, VMware vCloud Air, NTT Enterprise Cloud, or Fujitsu Cloud for cloud-to-cloud backup with deduplication.

Streamline Management and Reporting

  • Save time with a unified, streamlined, web-based console and reclaim up to 50% more time to spend on strategic IT initiatives.
  • Assure security with advanced role-based administration (RBAC).
  • Scale disaster recovery and backup seamlessly with policy-based management.
  • Keep business and IT stakeholders informed with SLA reporting that includes recovery time objective (RTO) and recovery time actual (RTA) comparisons.
  • Customize deeper with CLI, API, and DB integration.