Harness the Power of Scalefusion to Manage the Endpoints of Today and Tomorrow

Mobile technology has changed the way modern businesses operate. Learn how Scalefusion bolsters growth with mobility in enterprises.


Provision, configure & secure mobile phones, tablets, laptops, computers, rugged devices, POS systems &

special-purpose devices over diverse operating systems. Administer content & apps on the devices whilst

ensuring end-to-end device & data


  • Simplified device enrollment &provisioning
  • Cross-platform support to adapt device diversity
  • Uncluttered, user-friendly dashboard
  • Extensive security for corporate data & device
  • Streamlined application & content management
  • Unified Communication for effective team collaboration
  • Remote troubleshooting to reduce device downtime
  • Task automation resulting in reduced IT work


As businesses ascend the digital progression, managing enterprise devices is imperative in order to expedite the desired growth from the mobility pursuit. These mobile devices are rigorously utilized by enterprises and employees.

Equipping them with pertinent device policies & business resources is hence, urgent. Enterprises seek out a scalable solution that not only aids in the provisioning of devices to speed-up workforce productivity but also ensures

that the IT teams are not encumbered with increased liabilities.

Scalefusion MDM helps enterprises in addressing the growing need of provisioning mobile devices with business resources without burdening the IT teams. This, while ensuring end-to-end device & corporate data security

and employee productivity.

Scalefusion Mobile Device Management for Enterprises

Cross-platform Solution

In modern enterprises that employ a mix of knowledge workers and frontline workers, there is considerable diversity in the kind of devices preferred by employees or required for the desired business operations. Understanding the need to facilitate this device diversity, Scalefusion MDM supports multiple OS and device types.With Scalefusion, IT admins can manage Android, iOS, macOS, Windows, and Linux devices. Scalefusion extends support for corporate-owned as well as BYO devices.

Android Management

Effortless management of any endpoint running on Android, from phones to custom devices.

Windows Management

Manage Windows 10 & 11 as well as legacy devices running on Windows 7 and 8.

Apple Management

Manage Apple Devices running on macOS and iOS. From MacBooks to iPhones & iPads secure everything.

Linux Management

Seamlessly manage Linux based desktops, laptops, servers and Internet of Things (IoT) devices.

Faster time to market


For enterprises deploying multiple devices, it is crucial to quickly provision and enroll devices in bulk to ensure that the IT teams are not burdened with individually equipping each device with corporate policies and apps.

For faster over the air deployment, Scalefusion offers support for:

  • Android Zero-touch for Android devices
  • Apple Business Manager and School Manager for iOS and macOS devices
  • Samsung KME for Samsung Knox devices
  • Windows Autopilot for Windows 10 devices

Simple, user-friendly dashboard

Scalefusion simplifies device inventory management with a nonarduous dashboard. The Scalefusion dashboard is highly scalable and can be used to manage any number of devices with ease. The Scalefusion dashboard presents exclusive device analytics for battery, data, storage usage, security incidents & platform details. Further, IT teams can automate recurring IT tasks, schedule alerts & compliance checks and generate reports for improved device inventory management.


Extensive Security Configurations

Data loss prevention (DLP) on managed devices is ensured with Scalefusion.

IT admins can:

  • Enforce passcodes & passcode policies
  • Prevent factory resets
  • Detect failed passcode attempts & SIM swaps
  • Disable device boot in safe mode
  • Disable hardware keys
  • Ensure secure browsing in a controlled environment
  • Remotely lock/wipe-off device data

Application & Content Management

Scalefusion MDM offers expansive content and app management where IT admins can curate the content made available on the managed device fleet. IT admins can publish, delete, and configure public as well as private apps, push business content files on devices; and remotely update them. IT teams can also allow or block certain websites and exert parental control over content accessed on managed devices.Using Scalefusion, IT teams can publish:

  • Play for Work apps on Afw devices
  • Apps on iOS and macOS devices using Apple VolumePurchase Program (VPP)
  • Private apps on Android, iOS, Windows, macOS, and Linux devices

Remote troubleshooting


To reduce device downtime on managed devices, IT admins can make use of the Remote Cast & Control feature of Scalefusion. IT teams can mirror the devicescreen, connect to the end-user over a VoIP call to quickly resolve issues, or sync files. To support ITSM, ITteams can take screenshots or screen recordings and create context-aware support tickets directly from theremote session.On Android and Windows devices, IT admins can also initiate Unattended Remote Cast &Control sessions.