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Allegro Network Multimeter is a powerful and easy-to-use tool for network analysis. Used by network administrators to efficiently monitor and compile current and historical network transmission data. You can easily and quickly perform a detailed network analysis, detecting network problems with just a few clicks. Allegro Network Multimeter is the market leader in fault analysis and network performance. and is a highly effective network maintenance monitoring tool for optimal network quality.

Allegro Network Multimeter

  • It is a modern and easy to use tool for network analysis.
  • Works through an intuitive web interface that works with all browsers.
  • Makes it easy and fast to analyze network traffic for troubleshooting.
  • Web interface : Easy to use. It has a search function that helps to sort, search, and filter MAC or IP addresses, ports, VLANs, TCP handshakes, packet loss, HTTP latencies, and more. Results are displayed in seconds. Remote analysis can be performed without waiting.
  • Comprehensive Analysis : Includes many analysis modules. Analyze and correlate data at all levels of the network. Makes it possible to track the transmission of information in detail.
  • Real-time analysis : The troubleshooter enables real-time traffic analysis immediately after launch. Detects and displays problems in seconds.
  • Pcap Capture for Wireshark : Helps in capturing Pcap data either in real time mode or before. Data can be downloaded immediately if you want to use Wireshark to help with analysis. By surveying only a small portion of the total transmission.

Allegro Network Multimeter will make your network analysis process much faster and easier.


Allegro Network Multimeter is available in four different system sizes - designed for local network analysis.


Allegro 500

Allegro 1000

Allegro 1000 & 3000

Allegro 3500 / 5510


Virtuelle Edition ( VMWare and VirtualBox )